South Africa’s T20 needs Suresh Raina.

In “I See Suresh Raina Play,” a former cricketer discusses the possibilities of Indian stars competing in overseas T20 tournaments.

Suresh Raina played his farewell match for India in international cricket in 2018.

The news that six teams in the next South African T20 league will be owned by IPL club owners has created quite a stir in the cricket fraternity. IPL owners own every club in the new South African league, therefore there may be a potential for Indian players to compete there, according to former Indian cricket player Aakash Chopra. According to Chopra, one player who might be in demand is Suresh Raina.

“Indian franchises will buy all six clubs in the CSA T20 league, turning it fully Indian. Indian franchisees participate in the UAE T20 league. The IPL currently has a window of two and a half months during which it will reach FTP if it keeps expanding in this way. Even the South African T20 League will likely receive some attention. Franchises may eventually want their players—who are, of course, Indian players as well—to play in different places, according to Aakash Chopra, who made the statement in a video uploaded to his YouTube channel.

“I enjoy watching Suresh Raina sing. Soon, I hope to see Indian athletes competing in these leagues. Everyone who is not playing in the IPL is accessible, but the situation with Raina is particularly intriguing. He can be the target of a great deal of lavish expenditure by numerous persons.

After his final match for India in 2018, Raina announced his retirement from international cricket.

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