Ravichandran Ashwin responds to Ravi Shastri

Ravichandran Ashwin responds to Ravi Shastri

Ravi Shastri suggested that only the top five or six nations on the planet take part in the longer version of the game. Ravichandran Ashwin of India answered.

Former Team India head coach Ravi Shastri thought that 10 to 12 teams should not play the longest format of the game and that the top five or six teams should compete against one another to maintain the competitiveness of Test cricket. Ravichandran Ashwin, an off-spinner, refuted the notion, claiming that the current strategy is adequate and defending his claim.

On his official YouTube channel, Ravichandran Ashwin had a discussion on Ireland and how the weaker countries should be given the opportunity to play the longer format.

Just three to four nations should compete in the Test cricket format, according to Ravi Bhai. Teams like Ireland won’t be able to play, though, when three to four countries are participating. Inquire of me regarding the connection between T20 cricket and Test cricket. If you want to improve your first-class framework, you must play Test cricket. Only if your top-notch framework is sturdy will extra opportunities be available to the people. Players who excel in first-class cricket adjust their strategy for T20 cricket as well. According to Ravichandran Ashwin, this is how cricket has changed.

“You can see that by adding that and making it 4-5 from the top three competitive Test-playing nations. The world-class infrastructures in Australia, England, and India are all highly resilient. In fact, some are questioning if India’s first-class system can be improved any further in light of Navdeep Saini and Washington Sundar’s present success in county cricket. Can athletes from other nations compete in the Ranji Trophy? Additionally, these inquiries have been made, “he said.

How can first-class cricket be strengthened? Ravichandran Ashwin addressed the matter further. It is necessary for Test cricket to be well-liked in your nation. They won’t give Test cricket their entire attention if it isn’t significant. Premier cricket is all but extinct where I am right now, in the West Indies. As a result, there is no foundation for elite cricket. Test cricket is drastically declining, and Twenty20 cricket and leagues are gaining ground around the cricketing world. They have not improved their cricket since the 2016 T20 World Cup. First-class cricket’s basis is therefore crucial.

Shastri had earlier stated that 10–12 teams must be involved for Test cricket to thrive.

With ten, twelve, or more teams competing, cricket tests cannot continue. Maintain the top six players, prioritize quality over quantity, and keep up the fantastic cricket. The only way to create a window for additional cricket matches is to do that. The number of teams can be increased in T20 or one-day cricket to spread the game, but in Test cricket, the number of teams must be reduced. According to Shastri on Sky Sports, when that occurs, it won’t matter if England visits the West Indies or the West Indies visits England.

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