Harmanpreet Kaur stated that each time in big finals.

Following Australia’s defeat in the CWG Final, Harmanpreet Kaur remarked, “Every Time In Big Finals.” Australia defeated the India women’s cricket team by a score of 9 runs in the Commonwealth Games 2022 championship game.

India’s captain Harmanpreet Kaur underlined the need to overcome the “mental barrier” and avoid making the same mistakes in “title bouts” after the country lost a gold medal. On the first day of women’s cricket at the CWG, the Indian team was nine runs away from capturing the coveted gold medal, but ultimately fell short. Harmanpreet and company faced déjà vu after losing to Australia in the T20 World Cup finals in 2020 and the United Kingdom in the ODI World Cup final in 2017.

Harmanpreet remarked after the game on Sunday, “We have to improve as we keep making the same errors (with the bat) in major finals.

“In either the league phase or the bilateral, we don’t make these errors. The skipper said, “That is harming our capacity to think.”

India appeared to be on track to win the match with 50 needed off the final six overs and eight wickets in hand, but they lost the final five wickets for 13 runs due to some bad shot selection.

After combining for 96 runs, Harmanpreet and Jemimah Rodrigues had to play some wild pitches to return to the dugout.

“I tend to want to add a batter on the side all the time. We are, unfortunately, working on it. The crumbling will halt once we obtain that. The way Jemi (Jemimah Rodrigues) and I batted at that point was absolutely necessary after we lost two vital wickets. You must maintain composure. We were drawing near. Perhaps Pooja (Vastrakar) or I could have won the game if we had been present. But that’s just part of the game; sometimes things happen that you can’t plan for. She added, “We are learning a lot from it.

Harmanpreet is “glad and satisfied” with her team’s CWG effort despite India losing the summit match.

Despite the fact that we didn’t take home the gold, I felt that altogether, our performance was strong. We’re overjoyed to have won a silver medal since this was our first entry into the tournament.

“A medal will inspire the populace back home, and they might begin playing cricket. We wish to encourage young females together. Success on this platform will inspire many people back home. Despite testing positive with COVID-19, Tahlia McGrath, an athlete who excelled in many aspects, represented Australia.

Before the toss, they told us. That was an issue that was beyond our control. Since she wasn’t in danger of dying, we were delighted to accept the CWG’s decision to play. We must conduct ourselves with sportsmanship.

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