Former ICC Elite Umpires Interview Asad Rauf

The owner of a clothes and shoe company in Pakistan is Asad Rauf, a former ICC Elite Umpire who was suspended by the BCCI in 2016.

Between 2000 and 2013, Asad Rauf officiated 170 games. recent media interview in which he declared that he was no longer interested in cricket.

So Asad Rauf, a former elite umpire for the International Cricket Council. Now runs a business in Pakistan where he sells apparel and shoes. So In a recent media interview, Asad Rauf, who officiated 170 games between 2000 and 2013. Stated that he was no longer interested in cricket and that he was running the company for his staff rather than for himself. It’s vital to remember that the BCCI suspended the umpire in 2016 after determining that he had interfered with the game and used fraudulent tactics. He was therefore accused of receiving gifts from bookies and implicated in the 2013 IPL spot-fixing controversy.

“Maine 2013 ke baad cricket se bilkul hi…kyunki mai jo kaam chhodta hu usko chhod hi deta hu” the saying goes. Asad Rauf said in an interview with, “Once I leave anything, I leave it fully.” Since I quit anything, I completely leave it, I haven’t kept up with the game since 2013.

“Bhai, ye mera kaam nahi hai, ye mere staff ki rozi lagi hui hai,” Asad Rauf retorted. He defended his decision to operate the business while having previously been a member of a select panel of umpires by saying, “This isn’t for me, this is the daily wage of my crew, I work for them.

Out of 170 matches, Asad Rauf officiated 49 Tests, 98 ODIs, and 23 T20Is.

“I have a tendency to give everything I do my all. I have reached the height of my job as a shopkeeper. While playing, I was quite good at cricket. When I initially became an umpire, I then said to myself, “I need to reach the peak here as well.” I’m not a glutton. I’ve witnessed great wealth, as well as the entire world, said Rauf.

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