FICA’s new leader is Lisa Sthalekar.

Lisa Sthalekar, a former cricketer for Australia, is elected president of FICA.

Lisa Sthalekar played in 187 matches for the Australian national cricket team between 2001 and 2013.

The Federation of International Cricketers’ Association will be led by former Australian cricketer Lisa Sthalekar. On Monday, the cricket association was notified of the appointment. this week in Switzerland at the FICA Executive Committee meeting. Lisa Sthalekar is the first woman to hold the role; Vikram Solanki, a former England batter, had it before him. Jimmy Adams and Barry Richards, two former footballers from the West Indies and South Africa, have previously ruled over FICA, which is noteworthy.

After discussing with our members, we are happy to announce Lisa’s appointment as FICA President, our first female President. owing to her unrivaled experience as a player and broadcaster. Without a question, Lisa Sthalekar was the most impressive applicant. Heath Mills, executive chairman of FICA, was quoted as saying on the cricket organization’s official website.

So Lisa Sthalekar took part in 187 games for the national team between 2001 and 2013. And in 2007 and 2008, she was crowned Australia’s top female international cricketer. The all-rounder scored 2,728 runs in ODIs and 769 runs in T20Is in addition to 146 wickets.

In response to her selection, Lisa Sthalekar said, “I feel tremendously honored and happy to be the new president of FICA. For both of our players’ sexes. A new era of the game that will feature more cricket than ever before is set to begin. Cricket is undoubtedly becoming more popular around the world as more countries take part in the game.

So I’m excited to work on behalf of the associations and players of our member teams, she continued. And, specifically, cooperating with the ICC to guarantee that all players’ rights are maintained and that they can communicate with officials to enhance our game.

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