A Fitness Update From Hardik Pandya

A Significant Update From Hardik Pandya On His Fitness Regarding When I Should Bowl Or Not

When bending his back without experiencing any pain on Sunday, premier all-rounder Hardik Pandya said, “My body is great,” which was precisely the kind of validation the Indian team management was looking for in the year of the T20 World Cup. Hardik Pandya turned in a performance with a career-high 4/24 and 71 runs. Who had suffered from persistent back problems? aided India in its victory over England in the series-deciding third ODI. Three wickets were taken by him with the short ball, which he used effectively.

Hardik Pandya said, “I had to bend my back a little bit, change my plans, and realize that this was not the wicket to go full — and go for the short-ball, use it as a wicket-taking delivery” after his effective bowling performance.

Powerful batter Liam Livingstone was one of his victims as a result. When he failed to block a bouncer, he was caught with a deep backward square leg.

Usually, my favorite bouncer. When Livingstone puts the short ball on, I get chills. Despite the fact that he hit me twice for sixes, one wicket made a big difference.

My body is in terrific shape, which explains why I bowl so much and without issue, and the captain does a great job of managing my workload. The famous all-rounder continued, “The skipper has been fantastic on when I should bowl and when I shouldn’t. I have my sights set on the upcoming T20 spectacular in Australia.

He made a comment about India dismissing England with more than four overs left. “Intention is essential in the pursuit, and the playing surface is conducive to batting. We’ll assume that we have a good chance of discovering it. We need to be cautious not to focus on the aim. Jos Buttler, the captain of England, led his team in scoring with an 80-ball 60. But the dazzling Gujarati all-rounder who had the greatest success offensively was the one who had dominated the first half of the game with his superb bowling and cautioned the opponents in advance of the T20 World Cup.

With five wickets and 47 balls left in the innings, Rishabh Pant’s unbroken 125 helped India win the chase.

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