While Babar Azam Was A Passive Captain, Sarfaraz Ahmed Was Active.

The two are contrasted in the song “Sarfaraz Ahmed Was An Active Captain Whereas Babar Azam” by a Pakistani star.
For the Pakistan cricket team, Sarfaraz Ahmed won the 2017 Champions Trophy, while Babar Azam has shown promise as a competent skipper.

The career graph of Babar Azam slopes upward. According to the ICC rankings, he is the best hitter in the world for both ODIs and T20Is. He finished fourth in the exam. Every athlete aspires to place first in each tournament, but doing so requires dedication and effort. It’s not like you take it easy just because you’re the best in one or two formats, Babar reportedly said recently, according to a comment from the ICC’s official website.

“You must maintain good health and punctuality if you want to win all three. Because cricket matches are played back-to-back, the pause is shorter. You must be in excellent shape for that. I’m thinking about it. He continued, “White-ball is going well, and maybe I can carry that success over to Test matches as well.” “White-ball is going well,” he continued, “and maybe I can translate that success to Test matches as well.”

Azam serves as the team’s captain for Pakistan. Pakistan advanced to the semifinals of the 2021 T20 World Cup under his guidance, despite the fact that he has not yet won an ICC competition as vice-captain. Shadab Khan, an all-around player, compared the leadership styles of Azam and Sarfaraz Ahmed, the two players who helped Pakistan win the 2017 Champions Trophy.

“Compared to Sarfaraz, Babar Azam maintains his composure and shows fewer emotions on the pitch. Although Babar first felt pressured in his role as captain, he now claims to be well-adjusted. In a tweet, Cricket Pakistan emphasized Shadab’s claim.

Javed Miandad, a former captain of Pakistan, recently emphasized that Babar has led the squad from the front and that the group is playing more harmoniously under his direction.

“Our team’s ability to play as a unit merits commendation from both our players and our top captain. Our swaggering captain is named Babar. He maintained his composure admirably as he led the team. In a video he posted to his YouTube page, Miandad stated

Miandad claims that despite occasionally happening, Babar hasn’t let being the captain affect his performance. The most crucial element is that he is performing to the best of his ability. He sees to it that he leads from the front. A captain is removed from the squad when he continually performs below expectations. Babar Azam is now an adult. Miandad, who played for Pakistan in 233 ODIs and 124 Tests, asserted that as long as he plays, he ought to lead the squad.

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