The new head coach is Shane Bond.

Parthiv Patel has been selected as MI Emirates’ batting coach, and Shane Bond has been named head coach.

MI Former Indian batsman Parthiv Patel and former New Zealand spinner Shane Bond batting coach and the team’s head coach, according to Emirates.

Shane Bond, a former New Zealand pacer, was introduced as the head coach of MI Emirates for the inaugural International League T20 season on Saturday. So Bond is the bowling coach for the Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League, which is important (IPL). On the coaching staff are two current Mumbai Indians talent scouts, Parthiv Patel and Vinay Kumar. Who will replace Parthiv Patel, the batting coach, and make their coaching debut? Vinay Kumar, the bowling coach, and James Franklin, the fielding coach.

Robin Singh will also serve as MI Emirates’ general manager of cricket because to his extensive knowledge of UAE cricket.

Being the head coach of MI Emirates is a privilege. Starting a new squad is always exciting, and I’m looking forward to upholding the MI legacy and motivating our players to improve their play. Bond said in a statement to the media.
Since joining the Mumbai Indians in 2015, Shane Bond has helped bowlers reach their full potential at the international level. winning four championships in the process. Since joining the Mumbai Indians coaching staff in 2010, Robin Singh has participated in five Indian Premier League seasons and two Champions League seasons. He has collaborated closely with Shane Bond as well. Robin’s engagement with UAE cricket will be useful as MI Emirates develops MI’s cricket culture there.

Since 2020, Parthiv Patel, a former player for the Mumbai Indians, has been a member of the talent scouting squad. Vinay Kumar, another ex-MI player, joined the group in 2021. Both Parthiv and Vinay participated in the 2015 and 2017 successful seasons of the Mumbai Indians. James Franklin, a former MI all-rounder and coach, has also joined MI Emirates as a fielding coach. This team will be in a good position to provide MI Emirates with everything that MI resonates with since they have a solid foundation in MI.

Reliance Jio Infocomm Chairman Akash Ambani said, “I congratulate James, Shane, Robin, Parthiv, Vinay, and you on your new positions at MI Emirates.” The coaching staff has been a crucial component of MI for a number of years. They are therefore well-versed in the values that characterize MI. They could easily make MI Emirates a team that devoted MI supporters would support.

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