Shahid Afridi’s comments on Pakistan’s poor performance

Out-of-Favour Shahid Afridi, a Pakistani batter, claims: “Targeted Because of Me”

Afridi believes that Shehzad was singled out since the batter played in most of Pakistan’s cricket matches as the team’s captain.

Out-of-favour Ahmed Shehzad, a batter for Pakistan, hopes to rejoin the national squad. Shehzad was removed from the team owing to a batting slump; he last played for Pakistan in 2019. Then came a protracted illness that prohibited him from taking part in the match. The 30-year-old has publicly blamed management and his past coaches for his performance, though. Recently, Shehzad appeared on Pakistan’s Samaa TV, where he was joined in conversation by the late captain Shahid Afridi.

Afridi oversaw the majority of Shehzad’s cricket matches, and Shehzad believes that as a result of him, the batter was attacked.

I was the reason Ahmed was attacked since I gave him so much support. I gave him several chances, but after I resigned from my position as captain, things started to go wrong for him. He might have appeared to be a close friend of mine. I gave him a lot of help because Pakistan didn’t have an opener of his caliber. He was also performing. He obviously couldn’t play in every game. Nevertheless, he was picked out because of me, Afridi claimed during a discussion on Samaa TV.

Afridi’s remarks stunned Shehzad, who said, “Shahid, pay attention. I don’t know why you said it, though. You are allowed to say whatever you want to me since you are my older brother. Even if it occasionally stings, you have always resembled my older brother.

Shehzad responded that he should at least be given the chance to play when Afridi interrupted him by saying that he should score runs and enjoy himself.

“I want you to succeed and have fun with your wife and children. Because of Allah, you have a lovely life. I keep repeating it,” Afridi continued.

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