Saena Kawakami is defeated by PV Sindhu to advance.

Athlete of note from India after defeating Japanese opponent Saena Kawakami in the Singapore Open semifinal. The PV Sindhu has advanced to the final.

On Saturday, in the women’s singles semifinal. To advance to the Singapore Open title game, Indian shuttler P V Sindhu easily overcame lower-ranked Japanese player Saena Kawakami. After winning the Super 300 division at the Syed Modi International and Swiss Open this year, two-time Olympic winner Sindhu won the semifinal match 21-15 21-7.

To win the Super 500 for the first time in the 2022 season, she now needs one more victory.

When they last met, it was at the 2018 China Open. Having defeated Sindhu twice prior to this match, she had the upper hand going into it.

In the lopsided encounter, the former world champion appeared to be in total control of world number 38 Kawakami, who just couldn’t control the shuttle and was mired in a sea of mistakes.

Early on, Sindhu conjured up her whip smashes, but the drift in the court made it tough to make decisions, and occasionally her strokes lacked precision. Nevertheless, the force of her strokeplay helped the Indian move to a comfortable three-point lead at the half.

To achieve parity, the 24-year-old Japanese, however, began inserting the shuttle from awkward locations. With both players vying for every point, the contest came to life.

Sindhu also won two video referrals, penalized a weak high lift, and made solid decisions at the baseline to move the score to 18-14. After making two unforced errors, Kawakami was easily defeated in the first game thanks to Sindhu’s strong smash.

Kawakami’s problems persisted in the second game as she was unable to control the shuttle and gave her favorite opponent an early 0-5 lead.

Sindhu only needed to keep pushing her rival in the rallies and keep a close eye out for Japanese mistakes.

Frustrated Kawakami could only smirk cruelly as Sindhu soon jumped out to a 17-5 lead after grabbing an 11-4 lead at the interval.

As the Japanese failed to react to Sindhu’s forehand attacking returns and backhand flips, the Indian extended her lead to 19-6.

Then, Sindhu launched a whipping smash from the baseline that her opponent could only direct toward the goal. As Kawakami fired the shuttle out once again, Sindhu fist-pumped to signal her entry into the finals.

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