Regarding the decision to delay the fifth test, Ravi Shastri

Regarding the decision to push back the fifth test against England till 2021, Ravi Shastri said: India Had Every Right To Act How They Did

Former Team India head coach Ravi Shastri gave an explanation of why India was “correct” in what they did last year with regard to the postponed Test against England.

The fifth Test match between India and England got underway on Friday at Edgbaston in Birmingham. India’s tally at the end of the day was 338/7 thanks to a remarkable comeback by Rishabh Pant and Ravindra Jadeja, with the former scoring 146 runs off just 111 balls. At one point, India was 98/5, but Jadeja and Pant put together a 222-run sixth-wicket partnership. The fifth Test was rescheduled after the final match of the previous season had to be postponed due to a few positive COVID-19 incidents within the Indian camp.

Ravi Shastri, who led the team till November of last year, claimed that what India accomplished last year was “deserved.”

As you can see, announcing that it is time to play at that point is really straightforward. There were, however, a number of players with young families. Various sources were reporting contradicting information concerning COVID. It could have come from anyone, and if it had happened during a Test match, it would have been even worse. Unlike now, when there is less risk of catching COVID and being isolated. People are aware that they must move forward; if this attitude had existed eight months ago, it could not have happened because even the authorities were unsure of their authority to tell people to move forward and accept that nothing bad will happen because it is just the flu, Shastri said on Friday to Sky Sports.

“Nowadays, many suggest moving forward regardless of what happens since the illness is all that matters. They had a justification for their actions because of the way people thought at the time. The match must go on if that happens right now. Despite the fact that I wasn’t in the changing room at the time. You can be sure that I acknowledged some of your ideas for using the reserves to end the series. But it was a challenging choice since there would have been tremendous repercussions if someone had tested positive during the Test match “He added.

India had a 2-1 series lead after winning the tests at Lord’s and Oval last year.

If India were to win or tie the current Edgbaston Test. They would become the first side to win the series in the UK since 2007.

Rahul Dravid, the present head coach, was, coincidentally, the captain of the Indian squad in 2007.

Regarding the series that debuted last year, Shastri made the following statement: “I thought the series was excellent. I found watching the performances of both teams to be pretty entertaining. When a few Test matches are on the fifth day and the outcome is declared on that day, it is spectacular to observe.”

“Leeds hosts Lord’s, The Oval, and the English comeback. Unfortunately. For obvious reasons—COVID as it was eight months ago and the players’ opinions toward it now are diametrically opposed—it was unable to be completed. But I am glad that this series has come to an end “Put him in.

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