Regarding international cricket, Salman Butt remarked

Former Pakistani captain Salman Butt is concerned that players’ enthusiasm for international cricket may soon dwindle.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has been urged by Salman Butt to keep track of the amount of T20 league games played each year.

Therefore, England Test captain Ben Stokes sparked a discussion over the 50-over format’s viability after giving up ODI play. The turning point for ODI cricket has so been prophesied by a number of current and former players. Former Pakistani captain Salman Butt has requested that the International Cricket Council (ICC) keep track of the number of T20 leagues that are played each year. So salman Butt believes that too much T20 cricket could lower the sport’s standard. In the foreseeable future, the players hope to play in cricket’s ODIs and Tests.

Sadly, it appears to be that way. I therefore fervently hope that after leagues, the true legacy of cricket (Test and ODI matches) will be preserved. So the ICC must decide who will be in charge of planning each league and how many games should be played each year. The standard wouldn’t be there if there were leagues everywhere, and players’ interest in international cricket would dwindle. In a video that was posted to his YouTube page, Salman Butt claimed.

Salman Butt stated, “The largest obstacle to ODI cricket has proven to be the emergence of T20 leagues around the world.

Leagues are to blame. T20 cricket has increased while ODI cricket has fallen as a result of league restrictions. People had trouble understanding T20 cricket. As a result, T10 cricket was developed in order to earn Olympic qualification. Both of you and they wouldn’t pick up the phone or go there.

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