Qualifying for the 2022 Asia Cup

The United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Hong Kong can all participate in the 2022 Asia Cup.

On the final day of the current qualifying, three nations will compete for the final place at the Asia Cup 2022 when they played Pakistan and India.

The final place for the Asia Cup 2022 will be decided on the last day of the current qualifying. Three countries are still vying to face Pakistan and India in the match. As a result, Hong Kong successfully preserved 148 runs against Singapore to open their qualifying campaign, thanks in large part to a magnificent spell from Ehsan Khan (3/20). They then overcame Kuwait to win the competition. For them to advance as the top team, they must overcome UAE on Wednesday.

Kuwait scored 151/9 in the first inning. At the summit, Yasim Murtaza (age 46) and Nizakat Khan (age 50) laid the foundation for a fruitful pursuit. The team also succeeded in bringing down the total thanks to Babar Hayat’s incredible 53 off 30 balls. Murtaza was also Hong Kong’s best bowler thanks to his 2/11.

After two victories, Hong Kong is in top place with four points. The net run rate is 0.716 for them.

Hong Kong will tie UAE for top position if it loses, but only because of a weaker run rate. UAE might surpass Hong Kong and take first place.

In a T20 World Cup qualifier in October 2019, Hong Kong and UAE last played each other. UAE has not yet been defeated by Hong Kong in a T20 international match.

After two games, UAE is ranked second on the standings with two points and one victory. They have an edge over top-ranked Hong Kong because to their net run rate of 1.045.

They shockingly overcame Singapore, which raised their net run rate, after suffering an unexpected loss to Kuwait.

UAE benefits from playing the latter game since they may determine their necessary victory margin if Kuwait handily defeats Singapore.

After two games, Kuwait is in third place with two points and one victory. To advance, they must handily defeat Singapore.

After two games, Kuwait is in third place with two points and one victory. They must easily defeat Singapore in order to advance, and they must pray that UAE only narrowly defeats them (their current net run rate is -0.421).

Their NRR will surpass the UAE’s with a win of at least 78 runs or more or a successful chase in around 11 overs.

Singapore has finished the race despite being last in the standings and having no points. The run rate for them is -1.375. Despite their dismal circumstances, they still have a chance to distort the qualifying winner and the points standings.

Kuwait would be eliminated if they defeated Kuwait. claiming that Hong Kong and the UAE were the true winners of the competition.

As they chased the 161 goals set by UAE after losing to Hong Kong in the initial round, they went down to 113 all out and suffered a huge setback to their hopes of qualifying.

Singapore has had trouble scoring runs without Tim David. who will probably be chosen to represent Australia in the T20 World Cup.

From August 27 to September 11, 2022, the UAE will host the Asia Cup.

The six teams are divided into two groups: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka are in Group B, while India, Pakistan, and a team that qualified are in Group A. In the group stage, each team plays the other once. Two teams from each group, including the top teams from each group, move on to the Super 4 round. The top two teams from the Super 4 will advance to the final round.

India currently holds the title after collecting eight victories total. The team has had the most success in the competition’s history.

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