Phil Simmons remarked, “Throwing Me Under The Bus, Was Expecting It.” by way of Andre Russell

Andre Russell reacted angrily to Phil Simmons’ remarks by saying, “Now, making me feel bad, putting me under the bus… I expected that.

To Phil Simmons’ claim that he cannot “ask” players to play for the West Indies, Andre Russell has responded. Therefore, the head coach of the Windies said that players preferred playing domestic cricket to playing international cricket. In a previous Instagram post, Russell had written, “I know this was coming but am going to stay quiet!!!” next to a picture of Simmons’ remarks. Now, when discussing the next Hundred competition in England with Daren Sammy, Russell stated that he anticipated being “thrown under the bus.”

In response to Phil Simmons’ comments, Andre Russell said, “I expected that. Now you’re making me feel horrible and putting me down.

Andre Russell has reacted to Phil Simmons’ assertion that he cannot “beg” players to represent the West Indies. The Windies’ head coach made the comments on the players’ preference for domestic over international cricket. Russell had captioned a photo of Simmons’ comments with, “I know this was coming but am going to stay quiet!!!” in a previous Instagram post. Now, when speaking with Daren Sammy about the upcoming Hundred tournament in England, Russell said he expected to be “thrown under the bus.”

“I’m always searching for opportunities to help out and play. However, if we can’t come to an agreement on some things, those terms become mine and they must also be followed by me. In the end, things are what they are. Since we have families, we must make sure that we give it everything we’ve got, even when juggling just one career.

“I really can’t start afresh at this time. At the age of 34, I want to help West Indies win another World Cup or two. I’m already here, and I’m just taking each day as it comes,” he finally retorted.

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