Pakistani captain dissatisfied with Ramiz Raja

Unhappy with Ramiz Raja’s choice to “Ask The Chairman To Go Around,” a former Pakistani captain

The former skipper was not pleased with the Pakistan Cricket Board chairman’s decision to import Australian soil in order to build drop-in fields there.

Former captain Salman Butt disapproves of Pakistan Cricket Board chief Ramiz Raja’s decision to import Australian soil for the construction of drop-in pitches. The management should use the soil from areas like Diamond Cricket Club (Islamabad) and Quetta, which provide good pace and bounce, instead of importing soil from Australia, according to Butt, who is currently the head coach of the Singapore cricket team. Pakistan has all types of pitches available.

“There are several different types of pitches in Pakistan. If you want to bounce and pace, use the dirt from Diamond (Islamabad). The Quetta pitch also has a lot of bounce and speed. Ask the chairman to visit and check the pitches in Pakistan rather than importing dirt from Australia, Butt said in a video uploaded on his YouTube channel.

He should without a doubt look at the pitches and figure out what makes the tempo and bounce. In Quetta, the bowl moves swiftly and the pitch is dry. So I don’t understand why they don’t receive this information. I have no idea why people are so fixated on it, even if they do. But if he’s determined, let him bring the soil in, he added.

The PCB received criticism for playing Australia on lifeless tracks earlier this year during Pakistan’s historic home series.

As a result, the Rawalpindi pitch used for the first Test received a “below ordinary” classification from the ICC.

Pakistan ultimately lost the three-match series 0-1 overall.

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