Pakistan vs Sri Lanka: Rizwan, Shafique, and Mendis Shine in Thrilling World Cup Encounter

In a nail-biting World Cup clash held in October. Pakistan faced Sri Lanka in a high-stakes cricket showdown that had fans on the edge of their seats. The match featured outstanding performances by Pakistan’s Mohammed Rizwan and Abdullah Shafique. Along with Sri Lanka’s Kusal Mendis, making it a day to remember for cricket fans. Let’s delve into the riveting details of this thrilling encounter.

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The Rizwan-Shafique Partnership

One of the standout moments in yesterday’s match was the remarkable partnership between Mohammed Rizwan and Abdullah Shafique. The duo stitched together a 176-run stand that laid a strong foundation for Pakistan’s innings. However, their journey wasn’t without its challenges, and the drama intensified as the match progressed.

Rizwan’s Heroic Effort

Despite his undeniable talent and capabilities, Mohammed Rizwan faced a daunting physical challenge during the match. In the 36th over, he fell to the ground, signaling the first signs of cramps. Many batters, when faced with such a situation, opt for risky big shots to maximize their time at the crease. However, Rizwan displayed remarkable composure, resisting the temptation to go for extravagant strokes and instead focused on running between the wickets.

Rizwan’s statement after the match shed light on his remarkable determination, saying, “I didn’t want to give it away because Sri Lanka has decent bowlers. If I had given away my wicket at that moment, it would’ve been difficult for the new batsman.” His selflessness and dedication played a crucial role in Pakistan’s success.

Rizwan’s Transformation in ODI Cricket

Rizwan’s international career has seen a late but remarkable upswing, thanks to his consistent performances. In particular, his ODI statistics have undergone a substantial transformation. Prior to January 2022, he averaged 28.80, but since then, his average has skyrocketed to an impressive 60.47. This improvement has bolstered Pakistan’s middle order, which had long been a concern. With the top-order struggling, the onus has shifted to the middle order, making Rizwan’s contributions invaluable.

Sri Lanka’s Kusal Mendis: A Centurion on the Day

While the match witnessed several impressive performances, one of the highlights was Kusal Mendis’ century for Sri Lanka. Amidst the intensity of the World Cup clash, Mendis displayed a stellar performance, earning him a well-deserved place in the list of centurions from the day’s play. His ability to anchor Sri Lanka’s innings was crucial in their pursuit of victory.

The Grueling Battle and Rizwan’s Determination

Throughout the match, there were moments when Mohammed Rizwan appeared to be in pain, and at times, he even had to pause the game. There were instances where he struggled to complete quick twos, and it seemed he might become a liability to his team. However, Rizwan’s unwavering determination to stay on the field and support his team was commendable. His resilience in the face of adversity and his desire to contribute were truly inspiring.


The World Cup encounter between Pakistan and Sri Lanka showcased some exceptional cricket talent, with Rizwan and Shafique’s partnership, Kusal Mendis’ century, and Rizwan’s determination being the standout moments. As the tournament progresses, fans can expect more thrilling matches and extraordinary performances from the world’s best cricketers.This match will be remembered as a testament to the resilience and skill of these players in the ever-enthralling world of cricket. Without wasting time get your cricket id and experience every single moment of World Cup matches.

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