On Kohli, a Pakistani pacer bowls

Pakistani Pacer Explains how he bowls when Virat Kohli bats

I’ll move the ball toward him rather than away from him as a fallback strategy. First with the fielder called in, then with the fielder in the deep, I’ll bowl him a bouncer. I would test out every little technique,” he stated.

Virat Kohli struts past the boundary ropes and moves toward the center. He refuses to back down and prepares to take on the bowling. At the opposite end, Wasim Akram is getting set to enter. It sounds like there would be some fierce rivalry in that. Kohli is regarded as one of the greatest batters of all time, and Akram is one of the best pacers of all time.

In an ideal scenario, the former Pakistani captain would meet Kohli while bowling at the pinnacle of his abilities. How would he respond?

Akram said he would feel safe bowling to Kohli because he will be new to the crease and because a few wickets had already been lost. He also said that if Kohli challenged him, he would use every one of his abilities.

“I would have felt really secure. If he is walking out to bat at 3 or 4, which denotes that two wickets have fallen, he is a newbie to the crease. Akram said, “I’d attack after that “On Nashpati Prime’s conversation show “To Be Honest.”

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