Neeraj Chopra told, “I Want To Be In The Elite Club Of 90m+ Throwers.”

Neeraj Chopra, the gold medalist in the javelin throw at the Tokyo Olympics, will compete for the first time in ten months today.

After a 10-month sabbatical, Neeraj Chopra, the gold medallist in the javelin throw at the Tokyo Olympics last year, will compete for the first time today. In an exclusive conversation, he discusses his aim and how he intends to achieve it.

Interview Questions and Answers

Question: You’re about to start a new chapter in your work life, Neeraj Chopra. When I visited your family in Chandra (Sonepat) last year, you informed me that you wanted to practice at the Gloria Sports Arena in Turkey. You’re currently training in Finland, where you’ll compete for the first time this season. What changes do you observe between the two sites in terms of your training?

Neeraj Chopra:

Turkey is also a fantastic country. The meals and training facilities in Turkey are superb. However, I chose to visit Finland because I had two events here before heading to Europe for a tournament. As a result, I’ll be able to travel more easily from here to numerous competition sites. It reduces the amount of time spent traveling.

Question: You mentioned that preparation is a big component of your training routine. Now that you’re focusing on specific aspects of your game, are you glad to see that numerous Indian athletes have started throwing over 80 meters?

Neeraj Chopra:

My team has been working hard in preparation for the World Championships and Commonwealth Games. I’ll be competing in almost a half-dozen different events. But I really want to do well in these two major tournaments. I need to be physically fit to compete in all of these contests. This is, in my opinion, the most important component.

Question: You’ve formed a new collaboration with YouTube Shorts, as well as a new type of #Javrun challenge. Many others, including Bollywood actress Shehnaz, the legendary Khali, Team India’s batter Shreyas Iyer, and others, look to be enjoying the task.

Neeraj Chopra:

I’m so excited to see them all. Their sprint has a javelin-like feel to it. While marketing the game, they’re having a fantastic time. Others, like Shreyas Iyer, run with their bats, while others do it in their own unique way. I’m hoping that a significant number of people will notice this and that the game will profit as a result.

So, what are your objectives for the upcoming eight big tournaments?

Neeraj Chopra:

I want to be consistent in these tournaments. This year, I want to give it my all in order to achieve the best results possible. I have no idea when or where it will occur. But I want to maintain my fitness and achieve my objectives. I’m coming close to 90 meters, so I’ll be thrilled if I can get there. 90 meters is clearly a hurdle I’d like to clear and be satisfied with. I’d also like to join the elite group of javelin throwers who can throw 90 meters or more. I’ve worked very hard and am hoping for the best.

Neeraj Chopra’s event will take place on Tuesday, June 14, 2022, at 9:30 p.m. IST.

Where: Paavo Nurmi Games, Helsinki, Finland (World Athletics Continental Tour 2022).

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