Meg Lanning discusses the Olympic sport of cricket.

Cricket at the Olympics would be fantastic, according to Meg Lanning of Australia.

So Cricket may have a much better chance of getting included in the Olympics if it competes in the forthcoming Commonwealth Games, according to Meg Lanning, captain of the Australian women’s team.

So Cricket will be represented at the upcoming Commonwealth Games, and Lanning, the captain of the Australian women’s team, hopes that this will help the sport qualify for the Olympics. The Birmingham championship, which starts on July 28, will include Lanning and her team as cricket returns to the Commonwealth Games for the first time since 1998.

The Australian men’s team won silver when cricket was brought to the quadrennial competition more than 20 years ago.

“Cricket should be allowed in the Olympics. Meg Lanning spoke to BBC Sport about increasing the game’s popularity in particular.

It would make clear to many people how the game would greatly aid its expansion in other countries, particularly for women. In 2024, 2028, and 2032, respectively, Paris, Los Angeles, and Brisbane will host the Olympics.

Meg Lanning believes that ultimately, the sport will be incorporated.

So I’m not really sure what it takes to get into the Olympics, Meg Lanning continued. But from the perspective of the players, it would be fantastic.

“We consider it to be a very unique opportunity. We want to win the gold, ” Meg Lanning said.

Our group is quite excited about it. It’s a brand-new challenge, and I think our team is currently prepared for it. Under Meg Lanning’s leadership, Australia triumphed at the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup in New Zealand.

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