Internet trolls make fun of Harbhajan Singh for laughing at Shahid Afridi.

The cricket player lashes out at the critics who mocked Harbhajan Singh for grinning at Shahid Afridi’s attack of Gautam Gambhir.

Online trolls were making fun of Harbhajan Singh for allegedly laughing at Shahid Afridi’s insult of Gautam Gambhir during a television debate between India and Pakistan.

When former Pakistan all-rounder Shahid Afridi said during a lecture that Gautam Gambhir was loathed even by Indian players, Harbhajan Singh, the finest spinner India has ever produced, was caught on camera chuckling. This caused outrage on social media. Harbhajan disputed the trolls’ claim that they “just want to have some fun” and claimed that they are only trying to annoy him in order to elicit a response from him. He declared that everyone on the team is his “brother” and that they all play for India.

These people have no other goals except to have fun. Harbhajan was heard saying, “They are paid to make problems in other people’s work so that I may respond or say anything,” which Sports Tak overheard.

I won’t go into detail about how close we are or about how great our friendship is. These individuals like to make everything a big deal,” he said.

“In order for people to behave any way they please. I can only advise you to act like a normal person. Stop acting like an animal since you are a human being by birth, Harbhajan commanded.

“You say I made Gautam laugh, but do you understand the situation? When I looked down to see whether anything more had fallen, Curd had landed directly on my feet. But you didn’t know that because all you were looking at was my face, he said.

“However, I do cheer on every Indian athlete. I’m glad to be Indian. Furthermore, I don’t give a damn about what others are saying on social media. not just once, but four times. I’m proud to be an Indian, and Gautam is my brother. The previous spinner made a choice.

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