Indian weightlifters competed at the Commonwealth Games

It is still expected that the 15-member Indian team from the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, captained by Mirabai Chanu, will return home with a large number of medals.

India’s 15-person delegation was prevented by a new rule from altering the weight categories of its lifters in order to maximize their performance. It’s still expected that the team, led by Mirabai Chanu, will bring home a ton of hardware from the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. Weightlifters from India take advantage of the absence of historical powerhouses like China and North Korea. The Commonwealth Games and the Commonwealth Championships have both been successful hunting grounds.

In 1990, 2002, and 2018 competitions for the sport, India finished first. They are the second-most successful nation in the sport with 125 medals, including 43 gold ones. Only Australia (159), whose dominance has dwindled in recent competitions, is behind. At the 2018 Gold Coast Games, the Indian weightlifting team dominated, taking home nine medals total, including five golds. This year, all 15 lifters have a chance to finish on the podium.

However, only a small portion of them are expected to be successful. Chanu, who won silver at the Tokyo Olympics, was scheduled to compete for the Indian Weightlifting Federation (IWLF) and its head coach Vijay Sharma. A certain title contender in the 55 kg weight class, will increase India’s chances of taking home more gold in the women’s competition.

Poppy Hazarika was slated to compete in the 64-kg division, while Jhilli Dalabehera and S Bindyarani Devi were planned to compete in the 49- and 59-kilogram weight divisions, respectively.

However, a new regulation stated that, in the event of withdrawal, only the top-ranked lifter in a category would qualify for the CWG. The entries were turned down, therefore the next-best lifter would not get the slot. Due to Chanu (49 kg), Bindyarani (55 kg), and Poppy (59 kg) being forced to drop down one weight class each, Jhilli was unable to compete in the quadrennial competition and there was no Indian representation in the 64 kg weight class.

Chanu will surely draw attention during the Games, but while the competition will be fierce for the top slot, Chanu, a former world champion with a women’s 49 kg personal best of 207 kg (88 kg + 119 kg), is almost certain to win the gold. She only needs to complete two legal lifts—one in the snatch and one in the clean and jerk—to win her third CWG medal. Stella Kingsley of Nigeria ensures that she doesn’t even have to give her best effort. Only 168 kg (72 kg plus 96 kg) have ever been lifted by the nearest rival.

The 27-year-old has bigger objectives in mind despite already having a gold and silver medal from the CWG in her trophy case. Chanu is most likely to surpass her current clean and jerk world record of 119 kg in the snatch event and shatter the desired 90 kg barrier. “CWG is pretty easy for me, so I’ll be competing against myself. We plan to lift 91 or 92 kg at the CWG. In an interview with PTI last month, she had said, “I’m hoping that will happen.

It is predicted that other Indian weightlifters will face off hard against their competitors from Malaysia and Nigeria in the men’s and women’s divisions, respectively.

As Pakistan’s Talha Talib, the current favorite to win the 67kg title, is temporarily suspended after testing positive for illegal substances, the likelihood that Jeremy Lalrinnunga (67kg), a gold medalist from the Youth Olympics, will win a gold medal has substantially increased. Jeremy, who has excelled in junior and youth competitions, is making a full recovery from a lower back injury that ended his world championship campaign in December. The extraordinarily talented 19-year-old will be eager to establish himself on the senior stage and take home a medal on his debut. Achinta Sheuli (73 kg), a newcomer, and Ajay Singh are two further contenders for the title (81kg). Both athletes won gold at the December Commonwealth Championships.

Achinta, who took home the silver medal in the junior world championship, has a weight that is 316 kg (143 kg plus 173 kg) in her personal best. must defeat Erry Hidayat of Malaysia, who puts out a comparable effort to the Indian.

Ajay’s nearest rival, Kyle John Ryan Christopher Park Bruce of Australia, holds a personal best that is six kg lighter than the Indians. P Guruaja, the seasoned Vikas Thakur (61 kg) (96 kg). Who will be going for their third medal after taking home silver and bronze at the 2014 and 2018 Olympics, respectively? Along with Chanu, the group also includes CWG medalists Punam Yadav and Chanu (76kg). Muhammad Aznil bin Bidin of Malaysia, the CWG 62 kg champion, outweighed the Indian at the Commonwealth Championships by eight kilograms. would make it challenging for bronze medalist Gururaja from 2018 to win the gold.

Kyle John Ryan Christopher Park Bruce, an Australian who is Ajay’s main rival. is six kg lighter than the Indians in terms of personal best? 61-kilogram P Guruaja and experienced Vikas Thakur (96 kg). Who will be going after a third medal after taking home silver and bronze at the 2014 and 2018 Olympics, respectively? Along with Chanu, the group also includes CWG medalists Punam Yadav and Chanu (76kg). Muhammad Aznil bin Bidin of Malaysia is the 62 kg CWG champion in Gold Coast. It would be difficult for Gururaja, who won the bronze medal in 2018, to win the gold against the American, who lifted eight kilograms more than the Indian in the Commonwealth Championships.

Boady Santavy, a Canadian weightlifter, and Antonis Martasidis, a Cypriot, both put out stronger overall efforts than Thakur. It seems like his greatest chance is to win bronze. For the first time ever, Indian lifters Purnima Pandey (+87kg) and Gurdeep Singh (+109kg) will compete in the plus weight divisions. Since the CWG is arguably the simplest venue for Indian lifters to win medals, the question is not whether but rather how many the Indian delegation brings back this time.

“Our aim is to win more medals than before. Our goal is to bring back four or five gold pieces, according to Sharma.

Team: Mirabai Chanu (49 kg), Bindyarani Devi (55 kg), Popy Hazarika (59 kg), Harjinder Kaur (71 kg), Punam Yadav (76 kg), Usha Kumari (87 kg), and Purnima Pandey (+87 kg) are all female athletes.

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