Former BCCI selector Rishabh Pant “Can Add Far More Value”

An ex-BCCI selector claims that Rishabh Pant may be significantly more valuable in relation to Team India’s selection of Dinesh Karthik for the Asia Cup.
Dinesh Karthik has been in unstoppable form ever since his amazing comeback to the national squad and his great IPL 2022 performance.
Indian wicketkeeper-batsman Dinesh Karthik unexpectedly swung the season in his favor. Karthik has been in unstoppable form since his great IPL 2022 performance and incredible return to the national team. He was only selected to start against Pakistan on Sunday after being added to Team India’s squad for the Asia Cup. Many fans and commentators were against it since his presence prevented the young wicketkeeper-batter Rishabh Pant from taking part. Saba Karim, a former India selector who backed Pant, said that Karthik cannot “provide much more value” than Pant.

“I was astonished because, despite the fact that I admire Dinesh Karthik, I still believe that Rishabh Pant can do far more than Dinesh Karthik. I’m still sticking with my original decision to play Pant in the side instead of Karthik. Although Saba Karim was added to Sports18, there can be other factors that are equally valid and deserving of discussion.

Dinesh Karthik’s start against Pakistan was allegedly authorized by veteran India spinner Harbhajan Singh, according to an earlier version of this article.

Without a question, Rishabh Pant has excelled in both Test and One-Day cricket. He did a fantastic job. However, he hasn’t proven that he can play this brief style well. The graph for Dinesh Karthik, on the other hand, is steadily rising. He did a good job. The appropriate choice has been made. In this shape or manner, he should not be benched for whatever reason. Aaj Tak had heard from Harbhajan should be performed by Dinesh Karthik as he must.

Due to his youth, Rishabh Pant still has a lot of time. Dinesh Karthik must make the most of his remaining one to two years because he won’t have much time left after that. The team should capitalize on Karthik’s performance. If he bats lower in the order, he can win a lot of games. For the majority of the opposition’s bowlers, Dinesh Karthik and Hardik Pandya batting lower in the order will be challenging, he noted.

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