England’s Barmy Army tweeted a funny message.

Watch this hilarious clip of England’s Barmy Army’s shoddy fielding and laugh out loud.

A candidate for one of the most rural videos ever, according to England’s Barmy Army, who posted the video on Twitter.

The England cricket team’s fan club, England’s Barmy Army, shared the amusing fielding video on social media on Saturday. In the publicized footage, the bowler and wicketkeeper made a number of comical errors. Meanwhile, the humorous episode had the batters avoiding a possible dismissal. The hitter who was on strike at the beginning of it all and missed his shot. After failing to run him out, the wicketkeeper threw one of his gloves into the air instead.

The hitters tried to steal a run during this period before the batter on strike drew out in the middle and went back to his crease. The non-striker may have been run out since he couldn’t reach his end in time, but the bowler’s poor bowling kept that from happening. When it was over, the ground let forth a resounding laugh.

The film was described as “another contender for one of the most village vids of all time” in a tweet by England’s Barmy Army.

Tweet Of The Barmy Army In England.

England’s Barmy Army routinely makes headlines due to their social media antics. Recently, MS Dhoni supporters who made fun of the player on his 41st birthday, which was last Thursday, hurled abuse at the squad.

“Happy Birthday MS, some incredible battles throughout the years,” was written alongside a picture of MS Dhoni walking towards the dugout after being dismissed in a match against England during the 2019 World Cup.

The Chennai Super Kings of the Indian Premier League (IPL) said, “On behalf of all the Dhoni fans, thank you and Yellowve,” as Dhoni supporters ridiculed England’s Barmy Army. We admire the decorum displayed in the midst of these disputes, and we value extraordinary recollections like these. When posting pictures of Dhoni during India’s victory over England in the 2013 Champions Trophy final, they used the hashtag “#HappyBirthdayDhoni.

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