Bhuvneshwar Kumar, a young Indian bowler, remarked

Experienced pacer Bhuvneshwar Kumar thinks that Arshdeep Singh’s understanding of what to bowl at various times is his strongest skill.

After being struck for a couple of boundaries by opener Kyle Mayers in the first T20I of the five-match series against West Indies, young India spinner Arshdeep Singh showed great fortitude. The left-arm seamer, who later in the match added another wicket to finish with a total of 2-24, dismissed Mayers. Veteran pacer Bhuvneshwar Kumar addressed a virtual press conference before the second T20I and praised Arshdeep.

“When bowling, Arshdeep has a plan and is aware of the fields he wants to use for particular batters. For someone so young, this quality is really uncommon. He has remained consistent and is clear about his goals. Bhuvneshwar felt the most admirable aspect of the game to be his outlook on it.

Bhuvneshwar responded to a query regarding his bowling and performances this year by saying, “Sincerity be real, I haven’t changed a thing about my bowling; all I had to do was bowl more. More bowling helps you restore your rhythm and enhances your confidence. Bowling has benefits for keeping you fit. I haven’t changed anything specifically. I always jumped at the chance.

Suryakumar Yadav and Rohit Sharma opened the batting in the first T20I. I honestly have no notion, he confessed, of the deed. I can, however, attest that there was deliberation behind it; it wasn’t a rash action. They undoubtedly want to benefit from it in some way.

The seamer noted that because the game has altered significantly since his debut, bowlers must diversify their toolkit in order to surprise batters.

There have been countless adjustments since my debut. When I first started, 300 was barely a par score, especially in ODIs. The current par score is 300, though. Every T20I team is aware that the 180–190 goal is doable. Therefore, this is a huge development. As the game progresses, bowlers and batters will continue to change, according to Bhuvneshwar.

“Changes have occurred. How to bowl the knuckle ball is one of the variants I’ve mastered; I learnt it a few years ago. Batsmen used to be expected to take their time, but nowadays they immediately attack the bowlers. He noted that every bowler has their own specialties.

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