Arshdeep Singh alerts parents that he is “laughing at all these tweets.”

After receiving criticism for dropping a catch, Arshdeep Singh tells his parents that he is “laughing at all these tweets.”

Arshdeep Singh told his parents that he is grinning as he reads the tweets online after being bullied on social media and that he is only going to gain valuable lessons from it.

After missing a catch during the Asia Cup Super 4 match against Pakistan on Sunday at the Dubai International Stadium, 23-year-old spinner Arshdeep Singh faced harsh online criticism. Team India, led by Rohit Sharma, lost the game by a margin of five wickets. Arshdeep is currently being bullied online. The pacer has admitted to his parents that he enjoys reading the internet tweets he finds there and that he will only learn from them.

“Arshdeep had a cheerful disposition and had graciously absorbed all the criticism. I am giggling at all these tweets and texts, he specifically mentioned. I’ll only benefit nicely from it. My confidence has only risen as a result of this incident, said Darshan, Arshdeep’s father, to the Indian Express.

His mother Baljeet continued, “Arshdeep promised us that the entire Indian team is supporting him.

Young seamer Arshdeep Singh dropped a chance off Ravi Bishnoi’s bowling in Pakistan’s 18th over, and Asif Ali was given a reprieve. This became the subject of the India vs. Pakistan match that generated the most discussion. Arshdeep then joined the game and bowled the final over. He was unable to stop seven runs, though, and Pakistan won the game.

“As a father, it really hurts. age is just under 23. I don’t want to discuss trolls in great detail. Nobody is able to control their tongue. There would be no game without fans. Others find it difficult to accept even little defeats, while certain others will always remain by your side. Arshdeep’s father, Darshan, thinks that only one squad will ultimately prevail, though.

In the post-game news conference, India’s Virat Kohli backed up Arshdeep by asserting that anyone may make mistakes in unusual circumstances. “Given the urgency of the circumstance, anyone may make the error. There were a lot of stakes in this game, so mistakes may happen. In my first Champions Trophy match, I definitely recall my terrible stroke against Pakistan’s Shahid Afridi.

“I couldn’t sleep and stayed awake until five in the morning, thinking that my career was ended as I stared at the ceiling. But occurrences like these are common. The current team dynamic is therefore excellent, and I commend the captain and coach for it. seasoned players will encircle you. The athletes gain knowledge from their errors. In order to avoid making the same mistakes again, one must acknowledge their error, act correctly, and foresee future stressful situations.

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