Andrew Symonds Accident revealed by Witness

Andrew Symonds Accident: A witness reveals desperate efforts to save Andrew Symonds’ life after an automobile accident: ‘My partner tried to get him out of the vehicle.’

Andrew Symonds was killed in a car accident on Saturday night.

A Witness regarding the Andrew Symonds Accident

Andrew Symonds died in a car accident on Saturday night, leaving the cricket world in mourning. On Sunday, Cricket Australia released the heartbreaking news, citing a statement from Queensland Police. Also Symonds was one of only three Australians to achieve 5000 runs and take 100 wickets in his generation.

According to the police statement, Symonds, 46, died in a vehicle accident on Hervey Range Road near the Alice River Bridge in Queensland, Australia, after his car went off the road and rolled. Also the urgent attempts to save Andrew Symonds’ life were recently related by a witness; she discovered Symonds in his truck two minutes after the accident, along with his dogs, who both survived.

Witness found no Pulse on Andrew Symonds

“One of them was pretty sensitive and didn’t want to leave him,” she told Australia’s Courier Mail. “Whenever we tried to move him or approach him, it simply growled at us.”

She went on to explain that her partner attempted to save Symonds but was unable to do so due to his lack of a pulse.

“My boyfriend tried to take (Symonds) out of the car and lay him on his back. “He was comatose, not responsive, and had no pulse,” the witness said.

There was no sign that alcohol was involved, according to an inspector, and neighbors were present when paramedics arrived.

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“I assume they supplied whatever assistance they could at the time and called 000 and emergency services,” he continued.

Symonds is the third Australian cricket legend to pass away this year, following the unexpected deaths of Shane Warne and Rod Marsh in March.

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