33-year-old seaman Trent Boult is attempting to increase his income.

Trent Boult should spend more time with his family. He recently received his contract release from New Zealand Cricket. He is still qualified to compete in pro leagues.

The discussion surrounding players choosing to play franchise cricket rather than international cricket heated up after Trent Boult decided to break his national contract with New Zealand Cricket in order to spend more time with his family. Great Australian pacer Jason Gillespie applauded Boult’s choice and noted that the “cricketing landscape” has been changing. Upon hearing that Boult had been let go from his contract, Gillespie wrote, “Whether we like/agree or not, the cricketing landscape has been evolving for a time.”

“Accordingly, the vast majority of athletes aspire to compete first and foremost for their nation. However, priorities will occasionally change, “Gillespie said.



“A 33-year-old seaman who wants to increase his salary while he still has money AND spend more time with his small family? I find it challenging to disagree with that. In his string of tweets, he wrote.

In the future, Gillespie added, “we need to look into ways to make sure that international cricket continues at the forefront of everyone’s thinking.”

So, on Wednesday, Trent Boult’s release from his primary contract was announced by New Zealand Cricket. He will be able to participate in home leagues and as a result, spend more time with his family.

According to the official statement released by NZC, the decision will have an impact on Boult, who has 317 Test wickets, 169 ODI wickets, and 62 T20I wickets. He will play a lot less for the BLACKCAPS in his final years of competition. while yet continuing to be eligible for selection if and when it happens.

The pacer acknowledged that it was a challenging choice. As a rapid bowler, he is aware of his narrow window of opportunity.

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