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“Not A Finished Product,” according to Brendon McCullum

England has won all four Test matches since Brendon McCullum came over as head coach last month by playing an exceptionally aggressive brand of cricket.

Brendon McCullum, the red-ball coach, asserted that England is not yet a “finished product” and suggested that the team’s standard should be winning in all situations. His rule is off to a fantastic start. England has won all four Test matches since the new head coach took over last month by playing an exceptionally aggressive brand of cricket. First and foremost, McCullum said on “SENZ Breakfast,” “We’re not a finished product.” “We’ve been at this for a month, and in that time we’ve had some great achievements and seen the cricketing world kind of put them on notice, but we need to make sure that this becomes the benchmark for us.

He stated, “That this style of play and what we’re trying to do is fully authentic to us in any given situation will be the true difficulty.

England, who suffered a dreadful 18 months, appeared to have completely changed with the 3-0 series victory over New Zealand and the record-setting fifth Test against India.

The former New Zealand captain thought that England could be able to replicate its domestic success abroad.

Of course, we’ll need to adjust to different environments around the world, but look, I think that’s one of the beautiful things about this group. I think there were times when we had to manage pressure during the two series we played.

The destruction we were able to cause, especially with the ball in hand, has received a lot of attention. In our ball-striking quest of wickets, however there were times when we had to deal with pressure.
“It was quite satisfying that the men actually delivered when it was needed.
“Even though it’s still early, the changing room is lovely to be in. Amazing talent and ability in the dressing room, as well as a fantastic group of people. The Test team of England will host a three-match red-ball series against South Africa the following month.

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