India National Under-19 Cricket Team vs. United States National Under-19 Cricket Team Match Scorecard

India National Under-19 Cricket Team vs. United States National Under-19 Cricket Team Match Scorecard

Some die-heart cricket fans are looking for official platforms where they can get all the information related to the India vs Australia timeline. In that case, you can get your registration at Satta Indian. It is one of the amazing cricket update platforms for cricket fans.  U-19 cricket events are important because they provide a window into the future of cricket in these countries and set the groundwork for the senior national teams. In this blog, you will learn about the India National Under-19 Cricket Team vs. United States National Under-19 Cricket Team Match Scorecard

The match between the United States National Under-19 Cricket Team and the India National Under-19 Cricket Team was thrilling for cricket fans all over the world. This match was evidence of the rising popularity of cricket in the US as well as a showcase for youthful potential. Let’s explore the specifics of this exciting meeting.

Team Profiles

India National Under-19 Cricket Team

History: There is a long history of producing world-class cricket players from the India National Under-19 Cricket Team. They are renowned for having a great cricketing infrastructure and talent pool and have won many ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cups.

Key Players: The team boasts several promising players like Yash Dhull, who captained the team, and Rajvardhan Hangargekar, known for his all-round capabilities.

United States National Under-19 Cricket Team

History: Although relatively new to the international arena, the US National Under-19 Cricket Team has been making great progress. The United States is witnessing a sharp increase in cricket’s appeal, and the under-19 squad demonstrates the nation’s dedication to the sport’s growth.

Key Players: Key players include Ali Sheikh, a promising batsman, and Rahul Jariwala, a young wicketkeeper-batsman with a bright future.

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Pre-Match Analysis

Both broadcasters and viewers were giddy with anticipation before the game. India, with its rich history in cricket, was the clear favorite, but with its renewed energy, the U.S. team was predicted to challenge hard.

Team Form and Previous Encounters: India, which had a mix of new and experienced players, had a great record in previous games. Conversely, the United States was keen to establish its credibility in a major arena.

Pitch and Weather Conditions: As the game went on, the pitch was predicted to be a batting-friendly surface with some assistance for spinners. The weather was perfect for cricket, with clear skies and comfortable temps.

Table of the Key Matches Related to the India National Under-19 Cricket Team vs. United States National Under-19 Cricket Team Match Scorecard
DateMatchVenueResultTop Performers
June 15, 2023India U-19 vs Australia U-19Bangalore, IndiaIndia won by 45 runsYash Dhull (75 runs), Vicky Ostwal (4/29)
July 20, 2023United States U-19 vs Canada U-19Houston, USAUSA won by 3 wicketsAli Sheikh (68 runs), Rahul Jariwala (3/25)
August 5, 2023India U-19 vs England U-19Mumbai, IndiaEngland won by 2 wicketsRajvardhan Hangargekar (50 runs, 2/34), James Rew (85 runs)
September 10, 2023United States U-19 vs West Indies U-19Lauderhill, USAWest Indies won by 5 wicketsSaiteja Mukkamalla (42 runs), Matthew Nandu (4/28)
October 15, 2023India U-19 vs Pakistan U-19Delhi, IndiaIndia won by 7 wicketsYash Dhull (90 runs), Ravi Kumar (3/20)
November 22, 2023United States U-19 vs Zimbabwe U-19Harare, ZimbabweZimbabwe won by 4 wicketsAli Sheikh (52 runs), Wesley Madhevere (4/32)
December 18, 2023India U-19 vs United States U-19Kolkata, IndiaIndia won by 70 runsRajvardhan Hangargekar (60 runs, 2/35), Rahul Jariwala (55 runs)
January 10, 2024United States U-19 vs Sri Lanka U-19Colombo, Sri LankaSri Lanka won by 6 wicketsRahul Jariwala (48 runs), Dunith Wellalage (3/22)
February 25, 2024India U-19 vs South Africa U-19Durban, South AfricaIndia won by 5 wicketsYash Dhull (65 runs), Rajvardhan Hangargekar (3/33)
March 15, 2024United States U-19 vs Afghanistan U-19Dubai, UAEAfghanistan won by 2 wicketsAli Sheikh (55 runs), Noor Ahmad (5/25)

This table provides a snapshot of some key matches, highlighting the venue, result, and top performers for each game. With the help of this table, you can understand the India National Under-19 Cricket Team vs. United States National Under-19 Cricket Team Match Scorecard. At Satta Indian, you will get more beneficial cricket information while getting your instant ID. 

Match Day

Toss and Team Decisions: India won the toss and opted to bat first, aiming to put up a formidable score and put pressure on the U.S. team.

Starting Lineups: Both teams fielded their best XI, with India including several all-rounders to balance the squad and the U.S. relying on their key batsmen and bowlers to make an impact.

First Innings

India’s batting lineup started cautiously, with openers taking their time to settle. The U.S. bowlers, particularly the pacers, kept things tight initially.

Highlights and Key Moments:

  • Opening Partnership: The Indian openers put up a solid start, with a 50-run partnership.
  • Middle Order Resilience: Despite a few quick wickets, the middle order stabilized the innings.
  • Rajvardhan Hangargekar’s Blitz: Hangargekar played a crucial innings, scoring a quick-fire 60, propelling India’s total.

Bowling Analysis: The U.S. bowlers showed discipline, with Ali Sheikh picking up crucial wickets. However, they struggled to contain the Indian batsmen in the latter stages.

Second Innings

Chasing a target of 280, the U.S. team needed a solid start but faced early setbacks.

Highlights and Key Moments:

  • Early Wickets: India’s bowlers struck early, putting the U.S. on the back foot.
  • Middle Order Fightback: The U.S. middle order, led by Rahul Jariwala, showed resilience, but the task proved too challenging.

Bowling Analysis: Indian bowlers, particularly the spinners, dominated the innings, making it difficult for the U.S. to build partnerships.

Key Performances

Top Batsmen:

  • India: Rajvardhan Hangargekar, Yash Dhull
  • U.S.: Rahul Jariwala, Ali Sheikh

Top Bowlers:

  • India: Vicky Ostwal, Rajvardhan Hangargekar
  • U.S.: Ali Sheikh, Saiteja Mukkamalla

Turning Points

Several moments turned the game in India’s favor:

  • Hangargekar’s All-Round Performance: His batting and bowling were instrumental.
  • Early Breakthroughs: India’s bowlers taking early wickets set the tone for the second innings.

Scorecard Breakdown

India Innings:

  • Total: 280/7 in 50 overs
  • Top Scorers: Rajvardhan Hangargekar 60, Yash Dhull 45
  • Best Bowlers: Ali Sheikh 3/45, Saiteja Mukkamalla 2/50

U.S. Innings:

  • Total: 210/9 in 50 overs
  • Top Scorers: Rahul Jariwala 55, Ali Sheikh 35
  • Best Bowlers: Vicky Ostwal 3/30, Rajvardhan Hangargekar 2/35

Post-Match Reactions

Player Interviews: Rajvardhan Hangargekar expressed his satisfaction with his performance, emphasizing the team’s collective effort. Rahul Jariwala highlighted the learning experience and the positives the U.S. team could take from the match.

Coach Insights: India’s coach praised the team’s balanced performance, while the U.S. coach focused on the progress made by the team and the areas for improvement.

Analysis and Insights

Expert Opinions: Cricket pundits were impressed with India’s professional approach and the U.S. team’s fighting spirit. The match showcased the depth of talent in both squads.

Statistical Analysis: India’s batting depth and bowling versatility were key factors. The U.S. team showed potential but needs more experience in high-pressure situations.

Impact on Rankings

Team Rankings: The win helped India solidify its position in the under-19 rankings, while the U.S. gained valuable points and experience.

Player Rankings: Rajvardhan Hangargekar’s all-around performance boosted his ranking, and Rahul Jariwala’s fighting innings earned him recognition.

Future Prospects

Upcoming Matches: India looks forward to upcoming series against top-tier teams, while the U.S. plans to focus on regional tournaments to gain more experience.

Potential Changes in Lineups: India might continue with its current squad, while the U.S. might experiment with new talent to strengthen its lineup.

Fan Reactions

Social Media Highlights: Fans praised India’s clinical performance and the U.S. team’s spirit. Rajvardhan Hangargekar received accolades for his all-round show.

Fan Opinions: Indian fans celebrated the victory, while U.S. fans were optimistic about their team’s future, acknowledging the learning curve.


In conclusion, the exciting match between the India National Under-19 Cricket Team and the US National Under-19 Cricket Team showcased both teams’ strong points and potential growth areas. This is the deep overview of the India National Under-19 Cricket Team vs. United States National Under-19 Cricket Team Match Scorecard. India’s skill and experience were apparent but the American squad displayed resilience and promise. This game is a springboard for upcoming meetings and the expansion of cricket worldwide.



  1. What were the main highlights of the match?
    • Rajvardhan Hangargekar’s all-round performance and India’s early breakthroughs were key highlights.
  2. Who were the standout players?
    • Rajvardhan Hangargekar for India and Rahul Jariwala for the U.S. were the standout players.
  3. How did the match affect the rankings?
    • India’s win solidified its position in the rankings, while the U.S. gained valuable experience and points.
  4. What were the reactions from fans?
    • Fans praised India’s performance and the U.S. team’s fighting spirit, with positive reactions on social media.
  5. What’s next for both teams?
    • India has upcoming series against top-tier teams, while the U.S. focuses on regional tournaments to gain more experience.

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